Mad House

Will you survive?

Mad House 2017

So after so long designing, discussing and planning this event, it feels like years, we have gone live with tickets on sale. This does add some pressure to our preparation for the event but one we welcome and need to get us over the line and ready for the first night.

Its been fun, and Im sure more fun to be had, working out how to scare people whilst keeping everything fun and safe for all involved. Just the finishing touches left to do and we plan to get as many scarers involved as possible to put their own touch to each area.

The biggest part last year was the addition to the room we made above the bar area in the Westgate Pavilion. This has turned out better than expected and has given us the link to being able to walk round the entire venue without coming in the main hall area. This years challenge will be the NEW Fun House built right inside the main hall area. If this half as sucessful as the Mad House was last year we will be very very pleased.

So excusing any typos I hope you have enjoyed my blog post on the website. I will try and keep you up to date as things develop.


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