Mad House

Will you survive?


Built in 1903 this building was once just a coastal bandstand, until the 1st of August 1914, after the outbreak of World War 1 when it was converted into sleeping quarters for use by the Royal Navy.

Soon after it was used as a hospital and morgue for the dead and dying. In 1925, it was “refurbished” and reopened as St Mildrith’s Waterfront Institution, commonly known as “The Mad House”, where since then it has stood as an unregulated hospital/prison (type establishment) for the convicted criminals allowing doctors to perform outrageous experiments

Secretly funded by the British Government doctors have carried out painful experimental surgeries on the patients admitted here with often very bloody results. One experiment involved inserting balloons into the lungs or┬áremoving the ribs to allow the lungs to expand – as a treatment for respiratory restrictions. Other experiments carried out here include the amputation of limbs and sewing them back on in places they do not belong often leaving the patient to suffer a long and painful death, caused by infection or blood loss. Some even being pronounced dead then coming back to life some days later.

As many as 64,000 people have been admitted to this secret hospital/prison facility and over the years and many suicide attempts have been made with one known successful attempt by an employee who hung himself in the laundry room after being viciously attacked by patients. His apparition has been seen hanging in the exact spot his last breath was taken.

Those who die and have died here at the Mad House will be moved through the morgue and out of the hospital through a body chute that leads out of the back of the building, where the bodies are cremated and their ashes tossed into the sea.

This is a fictious scare maze and nothing really happen.

Will you survive a visit to The Mad House, get your tickets here and find out.

Author: Jemma Williams