ScareCON 2018

We love ScareCON and thanks to their support we have been able to grow our attraction.

So what is ScareCON?

ScareCON (Scare Convention) is run annually to bring together all those interested in or part of a Scare Maze. We get to meet suppliers and network with others to share best practice and learnings that help us improve our own events. It culminates in the Scare Awards at the very glamorous Scare Ball with an amazing show, dinner and dance. Just a brilliant night (especially if you win an award) We thoroughly enjoyed our night last year.

Another part of the whole ScareCON brand is ScareTOURS where they spend the whole year visiting Scare attractions across the UK and Europe meeting venue owners. Check out our review on the last couple of years here,

But if you want to read it from our website here it is. We hope you take the chance to visit us this year and you can get tickets here.

Margate MadHouse 2016

Margate Mad House at the Westgate Pavilion was probably our biggest surprise of the 2016 Halloween season. We first met the creative team behind the event at last year’s ScareCON and hadn’t even heard of the place, so while we were in the Margate area visiting more well-known experiences – we squeezed in a visit. And boy are we glad we did!

The Mad House has to be one of the most bonkers, scary, freaky and terrifying mazes we experienced this Halloween. It’s really  hard to explain why we loved this maze so much – it was generally a collection of random scenes – some hilarious, some bloody terrifying and it would seem that the team just threw everything they could imagine at the attraction hoping that something would stick. Fortunately for them, it all worked so well.

Where else would such unusual scenes as a man sat on the toilet covered by his own faeces be followed by a reception room where the female receptionist flirted with one of the girls in our team asking to check her out on Tinder? Later on we had half naked human babies, chilling child actors wanting to “hug” us with their knives and enough small spaces and crawl tunnels to make any claustrophobe break down and cry.

This was presented with such conviction and earnestness from all the actors involved that we were genuinely scared from beginning to end. The team (a few of them children) were absolutely terrifying in their performances and combined with some very creepy adults (Conjuring Nun we are looking at you!), the whole thing was a great blast of fresh fear and fun.

We love it when new events surprise us and Margate Madhouse, genuinely blew us away. It’s a shame that other large events take all the glory in the region as this was an experience like no other. We will definitely be back!

Margate MadHouse 2017

We loved Margate Madhouse so much last year, that we were delighted to hear the team at Madhouse were returning with an additional maze. The unassuming building could do with something to highlight the attraction but we get that can get expensive for independent venues like Westgate Pavilion. We’re here to be scared none-the-less.

Madhouse After it’s deserved SCAR Award for Best New Event, we couldn’t wait to get back inside this crazy maze. The intensity of last year is just as good, if not better. The teams confidence in their actors and scares ensure real conviction from everyone involved. The actors play their parts incredibly well, especially the children (yep, the children are still here). The small grouping of just 4 people ensured we all got equal attention and the brave one at the front didn’t stay there long as clever diversions broke up and switched the group dynamics. This maze made us so anxious. We checked our fitbit during the event and our heart rate peaked at 169bpm!

Funhouse Don’t let the title fool you! The scene is set from the off as we were greeted by a very cheeky ringmaster “anyone ever told you, you look like a trumpet… you’re making me horny”. Full of colour, random surfaces and fantastic set pieces that entertained and scared in equal measure. The Funhouse is a great addition that showcases the team’s passion for terrifying people. The mini games and interactions with characters are well placed and thought through, cleverly creating anxiety that kept us on edge. The child snatcher and huge doll on wheels deserve a mention.

Madhouse Margate is a great attraction and the team have once again clearly worked hard to deliver an engaging and scary event.


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